VIRGIN BLACK - Kurzinterview

... zum Video “Our Wings Are Burning” mit Samantha im Februar 2004

What's the idea behind the whole thing? Getting airplay?

When we were in the U.S. touring with Agalloch and Antimatter, the show in Los Angeles attracted a number of industry elite. It was after this show that a representative of MTV approached Andreas (The End Records) and requested a music-clip from us. It was a rare occurrence, as it's usually bands approaching MTV for air play, not vice-versa.  I believe The End Records will soon be releasing a DVD compilation of music-videos from quite a number of its bands including The Gathering, Agalloch, UIver etc.

Who's responsible for the production?

As with everything we do, we are responsible for the production. It seems to be somewhat of a theme, doesn't it?!

Where did you hold the film sessions?  How long did it take?

Filming took place in a building belonging to Dino's Uncle.  Lighting is crucial for film and photography, and this location was perfect. We had a professional camera-man from one of the largest Television Stations in South Australia shoot the footage. It was filmed in less than a day.

Can we expect more of this?

We would like to do something more elaborate next time, create something a little different. Typically, money and resources dictate many of our choices. Our standards are quite demanding, this is why we chose a simple theme, for when we do something we strive to do it well.  If we tackled anything too extravagant at this point in time, a lack of resources would equate to something sub-standard. It's not really my style.
I anticipate something else will be released in the future, but perhaps not in the very near future.


Carsten; Februar 2004



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